About Us

Super Lucky is Chef Nick Scorpion’s fried chicken & rice bowl joint. A space that celebrates down-to-earth hospitality, drawing inspiration from his favorite hits from across and beyond; from Meatliquor in the UK, Chego in L.A to Momofuku in New York; Super Lucky is the wilder, less manufactured version of her big brother Jing Ze in Kuala Lumpur.
Slow roasted sticky-sweet nuggets of pork belly over hot rice, Kimchi & fried egg? Done. Late-night fried chicken sandwiches? Bosh. Playlists of good feels and Bali youth in the Jukebox? We got you.
Amidst the moving parts and responsibilities, we are also devoted to getting you those banging meals for reasonable prices, because we are fam. ✌


Jing Ze Opened in Malaysia


Jing Ze Awarded Top 20 Restaurants in Malaysia


Super Lucky fires up her kitchen & bar


Super Lucky starts to serve people with Powerful Rice Bowls & Asian Sharing Plates.